When I was in the 5th grade and 10 years old I drew a picture of the Pope in pencil on a piece of paper when I should of been doing my school work. The drawing was from a photograph of the Pope which hung above the chalk board in the front of the classroom. The nun teaching the class saw what I was doing and took the pencil drawing from me and told me to do my assignment instead.

That summer in the small town I was from they had a country fair and in it they had pictures submitted by students of all ages for an art contest that I was totally unaware had taken place. There were dozens of pictures everywhere on the walls. Students from grade school to high school participated. I looked to see who won first prize for "Best Artist". . When I approached the picture that had won a red huge ribbon with gold letters for 1st prize....I realized it was my picture I had sketched in pencil of the Pope earlier that year.


Born in Proctor, Minnesota ( pop.1,750 )

B.A. Degree ( Communication & Theatre)
St.Scholastica College Duluth , Minnesota

New York City ( Fashion)

Designer in Fashion Industry Intimate Apparel
Owner of S.W. Designs Retail Store

New York City Art Toast Participant (6 years)